Android 10 could include car crash detection

By Staff Writer | 14 May 2019 at 11:05hrs
Android 10
Google's upcoming version of Android will include a number of new features, one of which will be the ability to detect when a user is in a car accident, XDA Developers reports.

The latest Android Q beta includes a new Google app named Safety Hub, which will reportedly be exclusive to Pixel smartphones at launch.

This app's code contains a number of strings which point to a new car crash detection feature, with the placeholder name "dogfood" used while the feature is still under development.

"Welcome to the car crash detection dogfood. In order to properly use this feature, please enable the following permissions," the Safety Hub code states.

"Once you enable them, this dogfood will automatically launch an alert activity when the device detects you are in a car crash."

It remains unclear how an app installed on a smartphone will be able to detect a car accident, or whether this feature will eventually roll out to other Android devices apart from Google's Pixel smartphones.



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