Apple faces formal investigation over Spotify app store complaint

By Staff Writer | 07 May 2019 at 21:09hrs
The European Union plans to launch a formal investigation against Apple following an official antitrust complaint by Spotify, the Financial Times reports.

Spotify filed a complaint in March 2019 over how Apple takes a cut of the sales on its App Store, stating that its 30% tax on competitors to Apple Music was unfair.

This forced Spotify to artificially increase monthly subscriptions for its premium service via the App Store to compensate for this hefty tax.

The EU will reportedly launch a formal investigation into this complaint in the next few weeks, although it is likely this investigation will take years to resolve.

In a response to Spotify's complaint published in March, Apple said its App Store contributed to Spotify becoming the business it is today and accused the music streaming service of wanting all the benefits of its platform without contributing to the marketplace.



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