Windows 10 will now ask before installing massive updates

By Staff Writer | 06 May 2019 at 08:45hrs
Microsoft is rolling out a change to its Windows 10 updates which gives users more control over when they download and install feature updates.

These updates are much larger than standard updates, and can take subsequently take significantly longer to download and install.

Windows 10 now offers users the option to "Download and install now" when a new update is available, which allows users to confirm that they would like to download a larger update.

Users on Reddit have confirmed that this option has begun to roll out to various preview builds of the operating system.

After using this option to begin downloading and installing the new update, users will be able to pause the update for up to 35 days.

This change aims to improve the Windows 10 update experience and reduce the potential for major updates interfering with productivity.

The Windows 10 update changes were initially announced in April, but they have now begun to roll out to preview builds of Windows 10 1903 and the May 2019 update, and are expected to become available on older versions of the operating system later this month.



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