Huawei to launch world’s first 5G-capable 8K TV - report

By Staff Writer | 03 May 2019 at 11:02hrs
Huawei is planning on releasing the world’s first 5G-powered Smart TV later this year, Nikkei Asian Review reports.

The TV, which would be Huawei's first entry into the television market, would boast an 8K display, making it ideal for consuming content like 360-degree videos.

The TV will compete with Samsung's recently-launched 8K QLED Q900 TV which has just started shipping. Other companies which have shown off their 8K TVs include LG, Sharp, and Hisense.

Tech analyst C.Y. Yao told the Nikkei Asian Review that there are many challenges faced by 5G-capable 8K TV technologies.

"In addition to 5G base stations, you also need small-cell stations in the region, and there needs to be an ecosystem for 8K, including cameras, and 8K TV processors, encoders and decoders to broadcast 8K content, which are not yet mature."

Sources have also told the Nikkei Asian Review that Huawei aims to be one of the top five PC makers in the world by 2021 and hopes to triple its PC shipments this year.



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