Daily News now charging for access to its website

By Staff reporter | 17 Apr 2019 at 15:53hrs
Daily News copy
One of the leading daily newspapers Daily News has introduced subscriptions for readers to access its website.

An attempt to click on some articles on the website redirects the user to a subscription page that says: Sign up and choose a paid subscription which gives you access to exclusive content and the latest breaking news.

The subscriptions are being charged as follows:

$2 for a week
$6 for a month
$15 for 3 months
$30 for 6 months and
$60 for a year

The subscription system is of the revenue generating methods that are being used by major content creators globally.

In South Africa Times Live and Business Day are some of the titles charging for their online content.

Zimbabweans on social media reacted with mixed feelings at the development.

One Tatenda said, "I saw they were charging and I don't pay, I simply use their headline and search on google If they were selling news which they spent time and resources making I would pay. If it's real news where journalist do investigative journalism undercover."

"With the current state of reporting, I wouldn't pay for any subscription, EVERY news outlet in Zimbabwe is pushing some kind of agenda hence the truth is always distorted. In order to get the whole truth you need to visit like 5 newspaper website reporting the same issue," Commented on Rangarirai.

Lenon Bhebhe said, "Unless they satisfy these: 1)will I have access to information that most people do not have. 2)Or Are they now providing high-quality content?"



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