Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are down

By Staff Writer | 14 Apr 2019 at 16:41hrs
Update - Facebook services are back online following extended downtime on 14 April.

Users around the world are taking to Twitter to report that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all down.

Attempting to log in to Facebook results in a message stating that the website "can't be reached", and both WhatsApp and Instagram are currently not functional.

Numerous reports on DownDetector show that all Facebook-owned social media and messaging platforms experienced issues for around an hour at the time of writing.

There is currently no information about the cause of the problems, but it seems to be widespread, with users across the world complaining of being unable to use Facebook-owned platforms.

Facebook has yet to publish a statement regarding the downtime, and WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook remain down at the time of writing.

Below is the spike in Facebook issues reported by users on DownDetector.



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