Popular browsers to force hyperlink auditing on users

By Staff Writer | 08 Apr 2019 at 12:48hrs
BleepingComputer reports that new versions of Chrome, Safari, and Opera stop users from disabling hyperlink auditing.

This is in effect in Chrome 74 beta, Safari 12.1, and Opera 61 Developer builds respectively.

Hyperlink auditing involves the creation of links that ping a specific URL when they are clicked on, allowing for the creator of the link to track link clicks.

This is achieved through HTML by adding the code "ping=[url]" to a link, where URL is the link that is used to track clicks.

Hovering over the link in the webpage does not show the pinged link address, meaning that users must examine the webpage's source code to discover that hyperlink auditing is being used.

The Firefox and Brave browsers, however, disable the feature by default and have not indicated any intention of forcing it onto users in the future.



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