Chiyangwa disowns Facebook account

By Staff reporter | 06 Apr 2019 at 17:05hrs
CONTROVERSIAL and flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa has distanced himself from the Facebook (FB) page which claimed that he bought a posh car for his "good friend" Monalisa Charity Mutindivari after she had requested only for a laptop.

The post attracted close to 500 comments and likes by yesterday morning. "That's a fake account. I don't have a Facebook account. Actually, I am not on social media platforms, be it Twitter or Instagram among others. Those who create those fake accounts, they are my followers. They admire what I do."

The "fake account" claimed that Mutindivari reportedly went out for lunch with Chiyangwa a fortnight ago where she asked him to buy her a laptop for school work. Instead, the flamboyant businessman chose to buy her a posh car.

"It's your lucky day today my good new friend Monalisa Charity Mutindivari unemoyo wakanaka dear thanks for taking me kulunch 2 weeks ago and you said inga murimunhu anofara asingavhaire and you asked for help yekuti ukuda new laptop yekuchikoro, sorry I failed to fulfil my promise in time; receive this small new brand new Mazda car from my heart," reads part of post. "Get in touch with me or my management to collect your small car, one thing in life patience pays and if you do good to people vanokurangarira in life. Thank you for the lunch God bless you, wish you the best in life."

The bulk of the post's comments were positive as many showered praise on Chiyangwa for his generosity. Antonette Mangando, one of the many said: "Wow there is more happiness in giving than in receiving ishe vatipe moyo unenge wenyu."



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