Potraz reviewing tariff increase application

By Staff reporter | 21 Mar 2019 at 09:38hrs
Dr Machengete
The Postal and Communication Regulatory Authority has said that it has not okayed the conversion of data charges to RTGS by internet service providers but is currently looking at applications for tariff reviews from mobile phone companies and internet access providers.

This comes as some of the ISPs reverted back to pre-2019 US dollar prices and put up an alternative ZWL$  rate, a structure which has made data expensive.

But the POTRAZ director general Gift Machengete said that they did not approve any changes to the pricing structure but rather were only reviewing applications made by MNOs and IAPs.  In any case, he added, ISPs were not regulated by POTRAZ. "We only regulate IAPs and have a defined tariff structure for them."

He said the new tariff structures for the industry once approved would not only be informed by the exchange rate, but they would consider the broader economic pressures and affordability on the part of customers.

Overall, according to the authority, there is a need for balance.



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