Econet rubbished 'Erikson demands $17m to fix Econet's servers' report

By Staff Writer | 19 Mar 2019 at 07:54hrs
Yesterday we published a post were a WhatsApp based news alert service, Kukurigo, claimed that Econet was on the edge of a catastrophic precipice due to foreign currency shortages as Erikson was demanding $17m to fix its servers.

Econet has come out and explicitly denied that the report is true. It went on to assure everyone that their Home Location Registers are safe.

Econet has issued their rebuttal and it's not one of those coy, wink-wink responses that you normally get from PR people. It's a clear and unequivocal denial.

Econet Wireless is aware of an inaccurate message doing the rounds on some social media groups, quoting unnamed sources who claim that the company ‘risks a blackout after losing a backup node

We wish to assure our valued customers, stakeholders and the public at large, that the network remains sound and stable, and is not at risk of any blackout.

We have put in place robust measures to mitigate against the challenges we face and are working closely with our regulators and the responsible authorities to find solutions to the challenges we face.



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