Gweru, MSU partner in solar street lights project

By Staff reporter | 16 Mar 2019 at 16:16hrs
GWERU City Council (GCC) has partnered Midlands State University (MSU) in a project that will result in the installation of solar powered street lights in Senga and Nehosho suburbs where most of the university's students stay.

There are few functional streetlights in the city's suburbs. Gweru Mayor Councillor Josiah Makombe confirmed the development.

He said under the partnership, solar powered street lights will be installed in Senga and Nehosho as well as in the Central Business District.

"We have partnered Midlands State University for the installation of solar powered street lights and tower lights in Senga, Nehosho and the main road from the university campus to Cathedral hall in town. The deal is already done and we just wait for work to commence anytime soon. We are optimistic the move will improve public lighting in Senga and Nehosho where most MSU off campus students stay," he said.

Gweru's CBD has two functional traffic lights after some solar powered robots installed by a private contractor broke down. The municipality awarded the contract to the company in 2013 with a target of installing solar traffic lights at 16 intersections in the city but the lights could not last a year.

Meanwhile, Clr Makombe said the devolution grant of $3,4 million allocated to the local authority by Government would mainly be used to upgrade public lighting in Gweru.

"We are still lagging behind as a city in terms of public lighting hence a large chunk of the devolution grant will be channelled towards improvement of public lighting so that we match Sadc standards. We are currently operating with 70 tower lights across the city and this is not effective," said the Mayor.

He said the situation has given rise to dark corners where crimes such as rape and theft are committed.



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