Multichoice not shutting down SA DStv accounts being used in Zimbabwe

By Staff writer | 15 Mar 2019 at 11:22hrs
There is an inaccurate story doing rounds on social media that Multichoice South Africa has just issued a statement that they are shutting down all South African accounts being used outside of South Africa.

The story alleges that Multichoice South Africa has installed a geolocation system that can detect decoders that are receiving signal from outside South Africa and switch them off remotely.

"The statement by Multichoice South Africa specifically singled out Zimbabwe as the territory where this is happening."

Our investigations show that the article is inaccurate as Multichoice did not release a statement to that effect. When contacted for a comment, Multichoice said it is illegal to use SA accounts in Zimbabwe but they have not issued a statement.

It is common cause that accessing South African DStv content from anywhere outside South Africa is illegal and not permitted, however, currently, the DStv setup does not have any technologies to distinguish the signal being beamed from the satellite whether its being received in South Africa or other countries.

DStv doesn't have a way of stopping such pirate accounts from receiving signal.



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