Samsung Galaxy S10 face unlock fooled by 2D pictures

By Staff writer | 12 Mar 2019 at 06:45hrs
Samsung's Galaxy S10 smartphones feature a redesigned bezel-less display with a cutout for the front-facing camera, although this new layout reportedly comes at the expense of facial recognition security.

Reports from around the Internet have stated that the facial recognition security on the Galaxy S10 is quite easily fooled by videos and even 2D images placed in front of the smartphone.

A video posted by showed the device being unlocked by its owner who waved an image of his face in front of the device.

Samsung's previous flagship smartphones – including the Galaxy Note 7, Note 8, Galaxy S9, and Note 9 – all feature dedicated hardware for facial recognition, such as IR LEDs and iris scanning, but these features have been dropped for the Galaxy S10.

The Galaxy S10 features an in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, however, which can be used instead of facial recognition to authenticate the user's identity.



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