Samsung has a better reputation than Apple and Google

By Staff writer | 08 Mar 2019 at 10:53hrs
Samsung's reputation has skyrocketed and is now better than many big tech companies, including Microsoft, Netflix, Apple, and Google.

According to a survey conducted by Axios and Harris Poll, Wegmans is the company with the highest reputation amongst US citizens, with Amazon following in second.

Participants in the study were required to name companies with the best and worst reputations in their opinion, as well as ranking 10 prominent companies in terms of reputation.

The study categorises companies according to industry, and Samsung takes the top spot in the Technology category (Amazon is ranked under Other, otherwise it would rank at number 1 in the technology industry).

Technology companies with the worst reputation included Uber, Twitter, and Facebook, which lost 43 positions in the rankings compared to last year.

Below are the 2019 reputation rankings for the major technology companies included in the survey.



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