Radio DJs now screening programmes live on social media

By Staff reporter | 03 Mar 2019 at 18:36hrs
There is this story of a prominent yesteryear female radio DJ whose smothering and golden voice swept listeners for years.

A lot of listeners, especially the males fell in love with her velvet voice and she usually held live phone-ins which were so romantic and teasing.

But there was a paradox because few, if any of her multitude of fans, had seen her live; it was only the voice that massaged them.

It happened that the sister decided to make a little bit of extra money taking advantage of her radio slots' popularity by holding her own disco shows, booking at popular joints, and emceeing at parties and weddings.

Am sorry to say this but her fans and audiences were taken aback when they saw her live; it wasn't what they expected because they had put a wrong face to the voice!

I am reminded of this story because of a new development that has caught national radio broadcasting and that is live streaming on social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram and twitter periscope.

So today we are able to place the DJ's voice to the face, hence no surprises.

But a lot then changes to their lives because now they have to be really presentable.

This is forcing them to upgrade their wardrobes and shoe racks! They have to compete with their counterparts on television and even outsmart them.

This new development has been driven by the growth and popularity of social media platforms.

Popular radio personality Kanyemba Bonzo known by the moniker ‘KB' said trends have shifted and gone are the days of chubby looks.

"Radio is changing and it is now going beyond the desk and the microphone. Social media has made radio more visual which makes dressing a priority.

"There is always an outfit for each event and you should dress the way you want to be addressed. Away from radio, I do emceeing for events such as weddings, album launches and several others. Suits are always the way to go for formal functions and for that go for Bachelors Republic," he said.

Popular radio and television personality Tich Mataz is one man who knows his stuff in as far as dressing for the occasion is concerned and never disappoints on the big stage.

Speaking to the Daily News on Sunday radio presenter Phathisani Sibanda said radio has transformed over the years and there is need to invest in appearances.

"Nowadays there is Facebook live, Instagram live and people have visuals of us while on air. I'm from the ghetto and represent the ghetto but I dress according to events.

"Radio presenters can also be hired by corporates for emceeing roles and also participate at other events and dressing matters. At times you go for outside broadcasting and you can't be at people's events improperly dressed. There is always formal wear and casual wear. I'm dressed by 4 May clothing outlet for my professional outfits," he said.

The female presenters like ZiFM's radio presenter Samantha Musa better known as Misred and Star FM's Kudzai Violet Gwara (KVG) also tread carefully in as far as fashion is concerned and adding refreshing makeup and hairstyles.

The two are popular with their Instagram live videos while on radio and they are always elegantly dressed.

Misred is popular with her photo shoots which come in designer clothes which again shows her life beyond radio as she is making strides into television.

Her social media pages are flooded with pictures in nice outfits.

Another radio DJ Owen Madondo better known as Olla 7 said looks complete the puzzle of a radio personality.

"These days away from radio, there is emceeing at formal functions, weddings and other functions and dressing matters. Formal functions need formal wear and for me Bachelors Republic is where I go for that. When it's an informal event a casual look will be ideal," he said.



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