Zupco works on digital system

By Staff reporter | 26 Feb 2019 at 20:39hrs
The Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (Zupco) is set to introduce a digital transport system that enforces productivity and efficient service delivery as the company scales up efforts to cover bus supply nation-wide.

The success of any country is measured mainly by the functionality and efficiency of its transport system and the direction taken by the government towards enhancing public transport system is one step commendable.

Zupco Chief Executive, Mr Evaristo Madangwa told the ZBC News that in complimenting government efforts, his company will soon introduce a digital system that will enable passengers to track and schedule their routes and address some logistical issues that crippled the company in the past.

"We are working on a digital system that will enable us to track our buses, monitor their presence on the roads, track their fuel use and that which also enable customers to make cashless or pre-paid fares," said Mr Madangwa.

The ZBC News had a chance to witness how the system works and a group of young technicians was busy monitoring some of the buses that had left the site.

The new application which they titled ‘nececity' is already online and fully functional.

Mr Madungwa also commented on the recent transport crisis witnessed in Harare, saying they have remained consistent on bus supply and dismissed claims that some partners were withdrawing and backtracking on their initial agreement.

"Actually, yesterday we dispatched 164 buses and we have plans to increase the number, so reports that we are failing are not true, what was witnessed is beyond our control since we are still growing and we cannot meet the increasing demand," he said.

Meanwhile, the 500 bus consignment expected from Belarus is expected to boost ZUPCO's presence on the roads as the company seeks to return to glory days.



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