Safeguard introduces new wireless outdoor early warning alarm

By Staff writer | 11 Feb 2019 at 13:33hrs
Safeguard Engineering has introduced to the Zimbabwe market a new stand-alone wireless outdoor alarm system that emits multiple infrared sensor beams to provide early warning of any intruder without the risk of it being set off by an animal or bird.

The battery operated outdoor movement detector emits infrared sensor beams that can detect movement up to 20 metres away within a 110 degree arc. When an intruder is detected, the information is transmitted wirelessly to a base station. The base station can accommodate up to eight movement detectors.

Safeguard Engineering manager Tinarwo Chiremba says the alarm system, which is called Roboguard, is one of the best outdoor early warning alarm systems. It is easy to install and maintain.

"The outdoor movement detector unit has two passive infrared sensors, one at the top and the other at the bottom, each of which emits 11 beams.

"At least one of the top and one of the bottom beams has to be broken within half a second of each other to trigger an alert. This virtually eliminates false alarms caused by pets, birds and plants, since both a top and bottom beam have to be broken almost instantaneously," Mr Chiremba said.

"The alarm system is so simple to install that it is really a do-it-yourself security product. However, we can install it for customers who wish us to do so.

"It can, if desired, be connected to an existing alarm system but is really designed as a stand-alone early warning alarm that enables those linked to a rapid response service to press a panic button to alert the rapid response service before intruders reach the main building," he said.

There is a choice of alarm kits, depending on the number of motion detectors and the ancillary equipment required. This in turn will depend on the areas to be covered.

"It is particularly useful to have motion detectors covering entrance areas, electric gate motors, parking areas, swimming pool motors and borehole pumps," Mr Chiremba said.

When a top and bottom beam is broken, the information sent to the base station, which typically would be inside the house but can be up to 400 metres away from the movement detector, indicates the zone within which the intrusion has occurred.

It can also be used at guarded premises to provide extra temporary security for equipment left outside. The guard can have the remote control unit and respond if the early warning alarm is triggered.
"Because it is a stand-alone system it can be taken on fishing and camping expeditions to protect your belongings while you are enjoying yourselves, as it will give you an early warning whenever someone approaches them," Mr Chiremba said.

If an intruder locates and tampers with the beam, an alarm is automatically triggered. Battery life can last up to two years, depending on the number of times an alarm signal is triggered.

"There are various add-on applications that make it possible to receive SMS alerts if an intruder is detected by the early warning system, thus alerting you even when you are away," Mr Chiremba added.



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