Huawei will accept EU supervision on 5G networks

By Staff writer | 11 Feb 2019 at 10:15hrs
Huawei stated that it will accept EU supervision over its equipment and activities following warnings from the United States about the inclusion of its equipment in European mobile networks, TechRadar reports.

The United States argues that Huawei is too closely linked to the Chinese government, and that the network implemented by the company could contain backdoors used for espionage.

Huawei affirmed its desire to cooperate with European governments in the deployment of network equipment, stating that it is always willing to accept the supervision and suggestions of all European governments.

The company's chairman, Liang Hua, recently stated that the company would "never do anything to harm any country, any organisation, or any individual".

Despite these statements, the US continues to warn Western countries against using Huawei equipment in critical infrastructure, stating that they will face the risk of US countermeasures if they do so.



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