How to apply for a Zimbabwe travel visa online

By Staff reporter | 06 Feb 2019 at 15:10hrs
THE Immigration department is working on introducing machine-generated visas to minimise errors after successfully launching online e-visa application as a way of improving facilitation of entry into the country.

Zimbabwe put the online visa application system which allows applicants, mainly those who are at group C of our visa regime, to apply online. Previously these visitors had go to Zimbabwean embassies, but then Zimbabwe doesn't have embassies in each and every country and you would imagine what was happening.

Currently the online application and port payment does not cover visitors from the East as they do not use the same Mastercard and Visa model.

The system at the moment accepts only Visa and Mastercard, but so what the Immigration Department have done is, for those affected nationalities, they will continue to apply online then pay on arrival.

Zimbabwe intends to roll out the machine generating visa as at the moment the officer does it manually and stamp the passport. The machine will capture the visitor's biodata from the passport, print it in less than 30 seconds onto visa sticker and when the immigration officer scan the passport the machine will generate the sticker and pastes without human finger doing that.

The Immigration Department intends to do away with stickers so that when the passport is scanned at port of entry the machine will read the information on the passport and confirm its authenticity.

Below are the steps that you go through to make a successful e-Visa application:

Step 1:

You have to open an account on the portal. So, click on "Apply" (shown below) and you will be given an option to "Login" (thus if you are already registered on the platform) and "Register".

By clicking "Register" and filling in your details, that's how you open an account on the platform. As part of the registration process, a verification email will be sent to your email address, which you have to open and click to activate the account.

After opening an account, log in to start applying for the e-Visa by clicking "Start application" Fill in your "Visitor details"

After filling in "Visitor details", a new window will pop up that will show how much you have to pay for the e-Visa processing fee. In this case, a UK citizen pays $30 US Dollars for their processing fee.

Fill in your "Personal details".

Fill in your "Contact details"

Fill in your "Travel details"

Fill in your "Other details"

You will see something like this (below), just click "OKAY"

You will be presented with a dashboard that shows you the details you have provided previously On that dashboard, there will be an icon labeled "Make payment", for making your e-Visa payment. Click it

The Visa and MasterCard payment portal will open. Fill in your details to pay for the e-Visa

After paying, an email will be sent to you automatically confirming the successful application of the e-Visa.

You'd have to return to your dashboard by clicking "My Applications" on the upper task bar and click "View" to download the "Letter" and "lF1" Form which you have to present to the immigration authorities upon arriving in Zimbabwe.



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