UK blasts Zimbabwe for internet shutdown

By Staff reporter | 05 Feb 2019 at 14:18hrs
The United Kingdom (UK) government through its parliament condemns the action taken by Zimbabwe government of shutting down the internet during stay way which was organised by Zimbabwe trade unions.

Speaking during a parliament session, UK Minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin, criticised measures that were taken by Zimbabwe government during the protest of total shutting down the internet.

"Zimbabweans felt totally isolated during internet shutdown and it was a deliberate strategy by the government so that people they don't have access to information," she said.

Among the MPs who attended the parliament session was Labour Party Member of Parliament Kate Hoey, who last week said it was regrettable that the UK had endorsed Mnangagwa, whom they now accuse of behaving like his predecessor Mugabe for using the security forces to crush opposing voices and shutting down the Internet during public protests.

"We are calling for the end of the deployment of the military, they have to go back into their barracks, we have to get the United Nations to make a very strong statement on the rule of law,"

"We need to call for an independent investigation of the human rights violation to be led by African Union or United Nations," said Hoey.

President Mnangagwa has been criticised by what the parliament termed as 'running away to Russia' after the announcement he made of fuel hikes leading to violent protests.

The perpetrators that shot people have not yet been apprehended as promised by Mnangagwa.



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