NetOne kills One-Fi

By Staff reporter | 04 Feb 2019 at 19:33hrs
NetOne has successfully killed off One-Fi via outrageous price increase which was inarguably the best mobile Internet package in Zimbabwe.

This by all standards, was the best mobile data service in Zimbabwe with superfast LTE speeds at most affordable rates, with only few people who were using the service, making it congestion free and the most ideal product for anyone who means business.

With around 6,000 users running the product, and also mainly because NetOne 4G does not automatically connect the old lines on LTE till one actually sends the request, it has been our secret out of fear of congestion, unfortunately somebody at NetOne just killed it.

When they launched the package on the 3rd of May 2017, it was a game changer with the most affordable data packages, though some people were not simply ready to pay for the hardware router gadget, which became a major hindrance to the growth of the product.

From most enterprising SMEs with small budget for on the go service, it no longer makes sense to subscribe to the service , so its officially RIP One-Wifi. Hope you will resurrect.

What would make sense is to migrate to their daily data bundles which is offering 2g per $3, which is shockingly cheaper at $6 for 4G, than their proposed One fi entry lite of insanely $27 for 4G.

However NetOne felt it was not generating enough revenue and just skyrocketed the prices, making it unaffordable and rendering it useless for SMEs, and unfortunately it now belongs in the bin, I doubt if still has many sane subscribers.

The biggest challenge that NetOne has is lack of its own last mile fibre, a service which would have helped them to pronounce own prices without local Internet Access Charges.

Since NetOne is largely carried by TelOne and Powertel, there is that cost effect they have to always carry, affecting such a brilliant product like One-Fi which we technically, have rendered dead, unless they do another product review.



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