Zimbabwean woman opens platform for dating

By Staff reporter | 03 Feb 2019 at 12:43hrs
Cleo Moyo
Being in love is the most amazing feeling in the world and it is everyone's wish to find someone who will love him or her unconditionally, but the process of finding your soul mate can be very difficult as some may lack the skill or find it hard to approach those whom they may have feelings towards.

A Zimbabwean woman based in the United Kingdom Cleo Moyo has opened a platform for dating to fill that gap. In an interview with Sunday Life she said she started match making while she was still at university.

"What I can say is I started matchmaking while I was still in varsity and I have been doing this job for four years. I started by doing match making for people with disabilities and in 2018 we started doing it for professionals as an agency as opposed to matchmaking service," she said.

The dating agency is also open for Christians.

"The reason why we made it open for Christians is we realised that religion plays a major role when it comes to finding love, it is important to be equally yoked in order to be successful, religion has to be considered in order to have a meaningful relationship," said Moyo.

Her agency has also played a major role in connecting people who are HIV positive thus fighting against stigmatisation.

"When we started to match make people there were some who came forward and explained that they were living with HIV and I believe that there is a special person for everyone," she said.

She also said one can make a living out of match making.

"It has only been a year since we opened but in terms of making a living it is a numbers game, the more are my clients the more the money one can make," said Moyo.



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