Microsoft asks users how to improve gaming on Windows 10

By Staff writer | 22 Jan 2019 at 15:50hrs
Microsoft has requested feedback from gamers on gaming in Windows 10, asking users how it can improve the experience.

In a post on the Xbox Ideas forum, Microsoft asked gamers what features they would like to be added or changed to improve gaming on the operating system.

Gamers can post suggestions on the forum for what they would like changed and vote for existing suggestions or leave comments.

Users have already responded with a number of posts, and the top-rated suggestions include the following:

When running a game, Windows should automatically disable processes while playing.
Create a version of Windows specifically for gaming.
Let users disable unnecessary processes while playing games.
Allow users to launch games on PC with a controller.

Other suggestions included calls for easier controller mapping, integrated driver updates for downloaded games, and game streaming from Windows 10 to Xbox One.



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