Amazon cloud gaming service to release in 2020 - report

By Staff writer | 11 Jan 2019 at 12:14hrs
The Information reports that Amazon is developing its own cloud gaming service, joining the likes of Microsoft and Google in doing so.

Two sources told the publication that Amazon was looking to enter the cloud gaming market in 2020.

The Verge also learned that Amazon is hiring two engineers who are being recruited for "Cloud Games," while a third listing for a cross platform game engineer refers to "an unannounced AAA game business".

Cloud gaming allows users to play games without needing to download big files, because the game is run on the cloud rather than a user's gaming platform.

According to the sources, the service could launch next year as Amazon looks to add to its influence in the gaming market.

Amazon already owns Twitch, which is the dominant service for video gamers to stream their gameplay to viewers.

This isn't the first time Amazon has shown an interest in cloud gaming, having released a 2014 demo of a hybrid cloud game. A video of this demo can be viewed below.



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