The GTeI X7Pro: Pure excellence

By Staff writer | 04 Jan 2019 at 20:45hrs
THE Gtel X7 Pro is a smart-phone that combines the benefits of a big battery that the Gtel smart-phone range is known for, along with the camera-centric features that the Gtel X7 Pm touts and a display line like no other.

The Gtel X7 Pro offers extra more on all fronts, with its camera being one of its most outstanding features, plus a bigger screen with an edgeless feel.

The phone boasts two cameras which include a set up at the front and another at the back, giving you an experience of a lifetime. The Gtel X7 Pro has a 16MP front & 16+5 Alp back camera and these cameras have been engineered to deliver experience with the most amazing visuals tailored to extract the best detail.

The X7 Pm is certainly geared towards improving your photography, and the phone is designed for Android smart-phone fanatics where the main aim of the Gtel X7 Pm, is to differentiate usage of other phones through exceptional camera features and overall premium image quality.

The Gtel X7 Pro's cameras work like a charm as you can now take group or crowd selfies at ease no matter the crowd size. The Gtel X7 Pro boasts a big processor of Octa-core 2.00HZ. Furthermore, the Gtel X7 Pro will connect at the highest available network connectivity in Zimbabwe of 4GLTE. It offers a multitasking experience for faster and smooth mobile communication which guarantees you unrivalled seamless performance, all day, every day.

The Gtel X7 Pro is engineered to present the best visuals and to enhance the seamless interplay between hardware and software, to provide you that unmatched user-experience. It is further powered by the latest Android version 8.i Oreo that helps enable access and navigation choices are infinite.

The X7 Pro's notch display covers the entire front of the device, which allows you the most crystal dear visuals whilst you go through your media files to give the best possible display clarity visible to the human eye. This display gives the user mind blowing satisfaction and user freedom like never done or seen in this era of technology.

The X7 Pro's 5.8 inch display is perfectly sharp, bright and detailed for a quality phone, to allow you to enjoy high-resolution movies and gaming.

The battery of the Gtel X7 Pro is a massive 3000mAh which is so powerful that it guarantees you longer battery life, going for days without recharge allowing you to WhatsApp, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook and enjoy all your media files all day, no worries, which is perfect for the globetrotter and outdoor activity adventurous people.

Enjoy your exciting life disturbancefree!

Stream a favourite movie and totally immerse in the scenario, play a trendy game and compete with virtual rivals, slide a photo album to relive those moments, stay connected with friends and share with one another.

Let us pledge to always avoid distractions behind the wheel. Remember to allow life to thrive, don't text and drive. Stay alive! Orders yours today! The Gtel X7 Pro is currently available on a pre-order basis.

• To order yours today, SMS/ WHATSAPP "GTEL X7 Pro", to 073 200 1010 or send us a message on our Facebook handle, GtelZimbabwe or on our



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