Samsung to unveil new Frame and Serif TVs

By Staff Writer | 04 Jan 2019 at 10:09hrs
Samsung has announced that its 2019 lifestyle TVs will be on display at CES 2019.

The Frame and Serif TVs both offer QLED displays and a range of smart features, said the company.

"The traditional TV was only focused on technical features, such as picture quality and performance, but now TVs are also a lifestyle platform that blends in consumers' daily life," said Samsung.

"This year's models are enhanced lifestyle TVs that deliver a TV experience like nothing before."

Samsung's 2019 Frame TV displays digital pieces of artwork when the TV is not in use, imitating a painting frame, and also features a Luminance Sensor to adjust on-screen colours based on ambient brightness.

This is on top of a new QLED panel in the device, along with Samsung's digital assistant Bixby.

The new Serif TV is also focused on looking more like a work of art than a normal TV, and combines this with Samsung's latest QLED technology.

Samsung Frame

Samsung Serif



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