Zimbabwe launches electronic data interface system

By Staff reporter | 21 Dec 2018 at 12:02hrs
Doctors and health institutions will now be getting their dues timeously, following the launch of an electronic data interface (EDI) system that uses the internet to verify medical aid membership status, authorise treatment, submit claims and online payment among other functions.

The unavailability of an automated claims submission system in the country meant medical aid societies took long periods to remit claims to doctors and hospitals, most times exceeding the 60-day stipulated period.

Technological advancements in and outside of the healthcare industry impact healthcare data management in many ways.

The first medical aid society to utilise the electronic claims switching technology testify to the positive pay-offs they are deriving from using the system.

Health Funders Association of Zimbabwe chairman Mr Stanford Sisya applauded the adoption of the EDI saying both medical aid subscribers and service providers will be able to check their membership status among other benefits.

In 2016 the late payment of claims saw health providers being owed more than US$220 million by medical aid societies.

Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obediah Moyo who was guest of honour at the launch ceremony said the vision and mission of government is to introduce real time payments in the first quarter of next year.

Using the EDI system for healthcare transactions is expected to improve accuracy and efficiency and it will also lessen denials by medical funders.



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