Potraz commissions 15th shared base stations

By Staff reporter | 12 Dec 2018 at 13:17hrs
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Postal and Telecommunications regulator, Potraz over the weekend commissioned their 15th shared base stations in Mayobodo, Matabaleland South some 196km from Bulawayo around Plumtree area. The service will see all mobile networks in Zimbabwe running on their infrastructure.
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The country's three mobile network will simply have to install their active infrastructure to connect to their mobile subscribers while the Potraz based passive infrastructure runs all the basic hardware and line of sight for connectivity.

Speaking on behalf of the ICT Minister Hon Kazembe Kazembe, Perm Sec Engineer Kundishora, said that the government is in the process of building more base stations.

"The government  hopes to continuously build these shared base stations on sites considered to be less profitable, and ultimately impact on the total cost of mobile tariffs," he said.

Women and children were deemed as the key players in the information society that, as a nation that everyone is building towards. " It is therefore imperative that we take everyone on board, as we zoom in to the connected future," said Dr Machengete.

With higher network usage comes quality life for women, children and the rest of the citizens. Besides voice and messaging services, network coverage brings along opportunities for financial, social, economic and political inclusion.

This initiative is seen as a stepping stone in driving Zimbabwe's ICT Agenda to the point were the generality of Zimbabweans are ICT natives as opposed to ICT aliens.



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