Qualcomm launches powerful PC processor

By Staff writer | 07 Dec 2018 at 07:38hrs
Qualcomm unveiled its second-ever Windows-compatible chipset, the Snapdragon 8cx, on the third day of its tech summit in Hawaii, reports Engadget.

The 8cx will offer significantly more powerful performance than Qualcomm's previous PC chipset, the Snapdragon 850.

Included in the 8cx is the Adreno 680 Extreme GPU, which is reportedly twice as fast as the GPU in the Snapdragon 850.

The chipmaker added that the Snapdragon 8cx will also offer better energy efficiency and multiple days worth of battery life.

The Snapdragon 8cx is the first 7nm processor in the computer space, said Qualcomm, and is also the first Snapdragon platform to be Windows 10 enterprise-ready.

Qualcomm also designed the new octa-core Kryo 495 CPU, which will reportedly run Chrome better than the Snapdragon 850 due to its 10MB cache.

Earlier at the summit, Qualcomm released its new 5G smartphone chips, which are expected to power most of the initial 5G phones releasing next year.



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