Econet now allows subscribers to create custom-made bundles

By Staff writer | 02 Dec 2018 at 19:36hrs
ECONET has come up with a new innovation for subscribers signed up on a youth empowerment programme called Elevate through the new Econet YoMix app.

Elevate is designed to support and equip young people with different skills sets, among them entrepreneurship training and mentorship by highly qualified professionals.

The subscribers are now able to create their own bundle. They can choose how much they want to spend on your phone calls, data, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Essentially they can create their own custom-made bundle.

Just like most mobile network operators, Econet's terms and conditions just dictated how much data and what type of data subscribers get, the expiration period of a bundle, the number of SMSs the subscriber gets for certain amount and the number of calling minutes. But with this new service subscribers signed up to Elevate will be able to design/ create their bundles obviously depending on how much money they can spare and their preferred usage.

Thus, subscibers are able to choose the type and the amount of data they want, number of SMSes and calling minutes they want and expiration period etc.



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