OneMoney now offering payroll services

By Staff writer | 01 Dec 2018 at 15:14hrs
OneMoney payroll
NetOne has introduced payroll services on its mobile money platform, OneMoney this recent Sunday.

OneMoney's payroll service is only open exclusively to civil servants (who are on the Salary Service Bureau) for now.

It's not a big issue for OneMoney to wholly offer this services to government employees because the government has a large workforce that's enough to give OneMoney a good return on investment.

OneMoney is enticing civil servants to register for the service by offering a number of add-ons. By just registering to receive a salary through the OneMoney wallet a subscriber gets funeral cover through OneCover.

When someone joins the OneMoney payroll services, they are automatically eligible for a cash-back health plan.

The more enticing offer of signing up to receive a salary on OneMoney's payroll service is that a subscriber can get their salary 3 days in advance.



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