Zimbabweans paying 43% more for Netflix subscription - study

By Staff writer | 27 Nov 2018 at 11:28hrs
A study has found that Zimbabwean users pay 43% more for their Netflix subscription (on a cost per title basis) than US customers.

This study by Comparitech is a follow up to our research published last week on Netflix's war against VPNs. Based on over 5,000 tests the study highlights how effective 59 different VPNs are at unblocking 30 international Netflix catalogues. The study may be a useful reference for Netflix customers in Zimbabwe who wish to access the larger catalogues in the US, the UK and other countries.

The most expensive monthly subscriptions for Netflix are primarily made up of Nordic countries and their neighbours.

According to statistics, people in Denmark are paying $3.95 (approximately 40 percent) more for the privilege of Netflix access than the US. This is $7.92 (approximately 99 percent) more than the cheapest place, Brazil. These subscribers are probably being given access to a far more limited library, as well.

When it comes to value for money, Canada wins hands down on cost-per-title value. With over 5,500 titles available, each title is around 10 percent cheaper than what US, UK, and Australian customers are paying.

The real sense of injustice comes when you look at a country like Denmark that has almost half the library size of Canada. This means Danish customers pay 100 percent more per title compared to Canadian customers and around 90 percent more than US and UK customers.

Furthermore, the average cost of a title (worldwide) is $0.00222. This means the average customer worldwide pays 57 percent more per title than Canadian customers, while Danish customers pay 48 percent more than average.

When comparing the cost per month of Netflix around the world, the cheapest place to watch Netflix is Brazil. At a cost per month of $5.24 (£4.02), it's $2.75 or £1.97 cheaper than the US and UK, respectively - that's around 40 percent!

In fact, on a cost-per-month basis, the US and UK don't fare too well, with the US ranking as the 23rd cheapest place and the UK as the 18th. This is probably due to Netflix using the US, UK, et. al., to subsidize its growth elsewhere.

However, the US and UK are 3.2 and 5.6 percent cheaper than average, respectively, with the average monthly cost for Netflix being $8.25 (£6.34).



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