Angry subscribers besiege TelOne over WIFI

By Staff reporter | 10 Nov 2018 at 11:45hrs
TELONE has made changes to its WiFi packages without notice, a move that saw hordes of angry subscribers besieging its Bulawayo offices yesterday.

The subscribers lashed out at the company's employees for the abrupt changes that they said were inconveniencing them and some were demanding their money back.

A TelOne employee said they were also in the dark about the decision made by their bosses overnight.

"We are shocked as you are. Let me check for you in the system if your $120 WiFi bundle is still available," said a TelOne employee to a client.

After a few minutes, the employee was on the phone before responding: "I am sorry but I have been told by our Harare office that changes were made last night without formal communication."

According to the parastatal's spokesperson in Bulawayo, Mr Marx Dlamini, the company had with immediate effect altered all packages and scrapped others in the process.

"TelOne no longer offers unlimited WiFi bundles, and the ones that were once unlimited are now capped. The low-priced ones of $5.00 and $10.00 no longer exist. I really apologise to those who had paid for the scrapped ones," said Mr Dlamini. The news crew spoke to some subscribers who had stormed the Bulawayo TelOne office.

"How can they not formally communicate to us on time about the changes they were planning all along?

"This company has some nerve I tell you. They have stolen from us because all of us here as you can see, paid for the unlimited bundle which lasts the whole month and yet now they are telling us the bundle will last only a week.

"Some of us paid for a bundle, only to be told that we paid for a non-existent package. This is unheard of, these guys are service provider bullies and if something is not done to fix this then we are in for some long term maltreatment," said Mr Khumalo, a subscriber.



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