Harare partners Econet Wireless to develop a world class Smart City

By Staff reporter | 07 Nov 2018 at 18:56hrs
Herbert Gomba
Harare Mayor, councillor, Herbert Gomba today pledged to revive the capital's Sunshine City status after partnering with telecoms giant Econet and several other companies in implementing plans to revive the capital city's beauty.

Speaking at a breakfast meeting at Miekles Hotel, Gomba admitted the city's image had been damaged by poor service delivery and collapsed infrastructure.

He was particularly grateful to Econet for the partnership to develop a world-class Smart City with modern digital billboards powered by solar energy with live streaming capabilities, making use of 3G/4G/WiFi based camera systems and sensors across the street for surveillance, as well as flowered pavements and drip watering lines among many other changes.

"Today marks a turning point for Harare. We are gathered here in a five-star hotel to lay foundations for a world-class city courtesy of our partner Econet Wireless that has helped us revive our conscience and make us dream big. Our dream resonates with that of Econet Wireless. We could have never chosen a better place than the Meikles Hotel and a better partner than Econet Wireless," said Mayor Gomba.

"It is time to bid farewell to the Harare of the past and welcome the new vision of a smart city. A city that competes with world capitals in terms of infrastructure, architecture, service delivery and facilities," he added

Econet Wireless executive assistant to the group CEO Mr Lovemore Nyatsine emphasised the need to drive behavioural change amongst citizens particularly the young men and women who are living along the streets as this serves to confirm the manifestation of many of our problems.

Mr Nyatsine reiterated Econet's commitment to this transformational agenda and said they are willing to work with other companies in partnership with the City of Harare.

Other companies with offices along First Street decried the level of infrastructure dilapidation in the Central Business District and pledged to be part of this noble effort to revive the Sunshine City Status.

Econet made a presentation to the stakeholders showing how information and communication technologies (ICTs) will improve the quality of life, efficiency of urban operation and services.

Other value propositions were in the form of information booths designed to serve as a standalone information-sharing platform with e-ink displays.

"Only the dead do not dream. Dreams are for the living hence today we are gathered here to dream and envision a future city…Let the good times roll! Let the dreams flow! Let's imagine big and beautiful!, said Mayor Gomba.

Representing government at a Provincial level,  Harare Metropolitan Provincial Administrator Mrs Cathrine Kampila gave the vote of thanks, appreciating Econet for patriotic duty and corporate responsibility.

"Others may just comment but you decided to take action and on the part of the government, which I am representing at the provincial level, we pledge our full support," she said.



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