Opera now block those irritating cookie notifications

By Staff writer | 07 Nov 2018 at 10:45hrs
The latest version of Opera for Android now blocks those annoying cookie notifications.

Starting from today, users of the niche mobile browser can activate a setting which automatically hides cookie alert dialogs.

The feature also lets users automatically control what cookies they accept. Users can choose to accept all cookies, deny all cookies, or deny all third-party cookies.

The latest version of Opera's web browser for Android, Opera for Android v48, released today, now includes the ability to block cookie dialog boxes.

This feature automatically blocks dialog boxes which pop up on websites asking for permission to allow cookies.

It should be noted that simply blocking the pop-ups will not block the cookies, and users will have to choose whether they want to block or allow all cookies, or only block those from third parties.

Users can access this feature by navigating to Settings > Ad Blocking within the Android app.

Opera has also added quick access to QR scanning, searching and shortcut creation, along with improving its text wrap and text size tools.

The option to block cookie dialog boxes within Opera will roll out to other platforms in the future, the company said.

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