How to stop your printers from being hacked

By Partner | 21 Aug 2019 at 17:09hrs
Can your printer be hacked?

It absolutely can, according to Mark Taylor - CEO of Nashua.

"When companies are looking for potential targets for hackers and cyber criminals within their business, the multi-functional printer (MFP) is often not even on the list of devices that require protection. They don't realise that all connected devices - and today's printer is just that - are vulnerable to an attack."

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There are many ways that malicious parties can use their access to your printer to hurt your business, including:

Ransomware attacks
Data theft
Unauthorised network access

"Companies routinely secure laptops, PCs and even mobile devices, without realising that the multi-functional device standing in the corner is just as vulnerable to an attack," added Taylor.

"Cyber criminals are always looking for ways to get into your company networks, so security really should be a talking point when considering the various features of an MFD."
Securing your MFP

There are two basic elements to consider when securing an MFP.

"Firstly, there's input security, where the printer overwrites its own hard drive consecutively, preventing anyone from accessing any data that's on that hard drive," said Taylor.

"Then we have output security. This is where Managed Print Solutions comes into its own. This can entail the use of two-factor authentication, or certain rules and regulations from an administrator point of view."

MFPs are incredibly intelligent devices and due to their depth of functionality.

Some of the features of a good MFP include:

Cloud usage
Quick ID scan
Barcode recognition
Follow-me printing - which enables users to send a job to one printer, then print it on a different device

This depth of functionality means that the MFP is becoming increasingly central to the digitalisation and digitisation journey that most companies have undertaken.

"All too often companies don't understand why security is so important when it comes to their multi-functional device. They tend to focus on cost only, not realising that security is a massive value proposition, particularly with PoPI looming large on the horizon. If they haven't considered it previously, they will be forced to once the Act comes into law."
Nashua Managed Print Solutions

Nashua is a trusted name in the printer market, and has exceptional experience helping businesses optimise and secure their printing systems.

They can help you to reduce your printing costs, increase your security and compliance, and improve your staff productivity.

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Mark Taylor Nashua

This article was published in partnership with Nashua Print Security.



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