Zimbabwe to be power sufficient by 2023

By Staff reporter | 24 Jul 2020 at 19:07hrs
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has commended two indigenous coal mining companies operating in Hwange and pledged government support for the two entities.

The two companies Zambezi Gas and Makomo Resources are part of coal development projects that will see the country achieve electricity self-sufficiency by 2023 with a surplus for export.

In that regard, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has pledged commitment and support to Zambezi Gas who besides coal and Coke production has been granted a license to construct a 450-megawatt power station.

"Government must focus and support mining ventures in Zimbabwe but with the Zambezi, it is extremely pleasing that this is one of the domestic and indigenous mining companies. If it makes money it will, in turn, be reinvested into other sectors of the economy. So Zambezi gas and coal you have the backing of the president the backing of the government as well, "said the President.

Makomo Resources is one of the companies that will be supplying input to the Hwange 7 and 8 thermal power expansion project at its completion.

The President guaranteed all government support pillared on the basis of the mining company being indigenous controlled.

"Makomo in our scheme of things has a significant role to play where at the completion of the 7 and 8 plants we are going to have 600 Megawatts but the input into 7 and 8, Makomo is at the top there to supply. I was informed that there are going through challenges but I think those challenges can be surmounted as we sit down and discuss.I am happy that I have come to see your operations here and this is an indigenous company. This is the second indigenous company I have come to and it's older than  Zambezi. Be assured from me that as long as you remain focused and patriotic to your country you have my government support," he explained.

Makomo has grown over the past ten years to become the largest coal mining company in the country.

Management said over US$100 million will be invested over the next three years to expand operations in a development that will increase output and create more employment.



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