Nissan unveils new logo

By Staff reporter | 15 Jul 2020 at 21:06hrs
Nissan has revealed its redesigned logo, which it says has been updated for the modern world while remaining connected to the company's heritage.

"The company name remains at the centre of the logo, communicating an instantly recognizable brand that evokes past milestones and memories while also conveying evolution," Nissan said.

The company said that it began to design its new logo in 2017, when Nissan senior vice president of global design Alfonso Albaisa began to look at changes to the carmaker's identity and brand.

"Inspiration was drawn from breakthroughs in science, technology and connectivity. How these have brought fundamental changes to our customers," said Albaisa.

The logo was refined over the next two years using a process which began in 3D and then developed into 2D.

The illuminated brand badge was drafted first, pulling the illuminated area out to represent the brand in 2D form, Nissan said.

Nissan describes its new design as "refined, familiar, and digital-friendly", stating that it signals the evolution of Nissan from a traditional vehicle manufacturer to a provider of mobility and services.

The new logo will begin appearing in July, both in digital and physical forms and the company's electric vehicles will feature an exclusive illuminated logo lit by 20 LEDs (corresponding to the number of years between logo redesigns).

Following this, the logo will be incorporated across mediums; from letterhead and dealership signs to social media and digital advertising.

"Notably, in certain digital and video applications the logo will actually ‘come alive' as it shifts and pulsates against a variety of backgrounds, allowing the logo to reflect today's ever-changing environment and the flexibility needed to remain exciting, relevant and intriguing," Nissan said.

Images of the new Nissan logo are shown below.

New Nissan logo



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