Telecel unveils Funda e-learning platform

By Staff reporter | 13 Jun 2020 at 20:39hrs
Mobile Network Operator Telecel Zimbabwe has launched an e-learning platform for all learners' institutions including universities, colleges and called Funda.

Telecel's Funda e-learning platform is a package that offers data and talk time to the different members in the group.  The package will be offered to students and staff of any school, college or university.  A minimum of 30 individuals will be required per school in order to access the package.

To register interested students, teachers and lecturers need to contact their school and the school will in turn contact Telecel for their monthly subscriptions.

Telecel's Funda package comes in four different packages tailored to meet different usage situations. They range from the entry-level $90.00 one which gives 100 Group Talk time minutes and 5GB of Data, to the $170.00 one with 250 Group Talk time minutes and 10GB of Data, to the $330.00 one with 500 group Talk time minutes and 20GB of Data and lastly the premium $650.00 one where one gets 1 000 Group Talk time minutes and 40GB of Data per individual for free. These packages are valid for one month.

According to  CEO, Mrs Angeline Vere  "Telecel has introduced a Closed User Group (CUG) where students and staff in the same group can call each other and access data allocated to them within their package. This, I believe, will be welcomed by both students and teachers. Most parents and guardians will also be very interested as all the packages are quite easy on the pocket," she added.

Mrs Vere said the Funda package is a way of responding to the Covid-19 crisis where students have to do on-line learning.

"We have looked at how students need to keep learning despite the closure of schools and colleges and we came up with a package that is affordable and offers the best deal to the students," she added.

"We have come up with a very easy way for students and teachers to register. All they need to do is to register with their school and the school will come to Telecel to be connected all of which can be done within 24hrs. In order to ensure as many students as possible are brought on-board and that the platform is easily accessible, the first 14 days of uptake is also going to be offered for free," she added.

Mrs Vere also took the opportunity to encourage Telecel subscribers to continue using Telecel products as they are affordable especially in these trying times with very affordable offers like Mega Bonus, Mega Boost and social bundles still on offer. She further encouraged customers continue practising safe social distancing byusing Telecash to buy airtime, electricity, send and receive money.



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