MultiChoice Zimbabwe issues warning on imposters

By Staff reporter | 02 May 2020 at 18:23hrs
MultiChoice Zimbabwe has advised its customers to make use of accredited installers and agents when they need installations or other technical support for DSTv services, saying they risk falling prey to imposters.

Several MutiChoice customers have reported been given defective or substandard products and inadequate support from people posing as DStv installers and agents who on investigation turn out to be illegal service providers whose activities are unknown and cannot be guaranteed as safe or worthy, the company said.

Liz Dziva, the MultiChoice Zimbabwe publicity and public relations manager, urged customers and would-be customers to use only those installers and agents whose names appeared on the official and authorised list of DStv accredited installers and agents.

"Over the years we have regularly warned that using unauthorised installers could result in loss of money, inadequate service and even exposure to fraudulent activity," she said.

"Our message is clear: check first to see who is accredited and who, therefore, offers services of a known high standard and who can be follow-up on if something were to go wrong.

"DStv accredited installers receive training from qualified technicians and other experts within the MultiChoice organisation, and they liaise closely with in-house technical and administrative staff."

Their work is monitored and if a problem arises they can be guided for a satisfactory resolution of the problem, she said.

"They use proper equipment, have the necessary know-how and are regularly updated on all relevant information from the MultiChoice organisation," Dziva said.

"We have no jurisdiction over the illegal operators and customers will lose out, financially and in other ways, if they are mishandled."

The list of accredited installers and agents can be found at or

"It is unlikely that an accredited installer will provide an unsatisfactory service, but should that happen it can be reported to MultiChoice Zimbabwe and action can be taken to resolve the matter for the customer," Dziva added.



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