New local series on the cards

By Staff reporter | 24 Apr 2020 at 15:43hrs
PRODUCERS of a new local drama series, Uhangwela, which touches on diverse issues including the Venda culture, have added more life to the showbiz with a television series to premiere next month on ZBCTV.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style yesterday the series producer, Emmanuel Ncube, said their latest 19-episode project was packed with details on the Venda culture.

"Uhangwela is a multi-lingual drama series that depicts cultural and social issues among the Venda, who are predominantly resident in the southern parts of Zimbabwe.

Uhangwela which means forgive and forget is about a story that revolves around unforgiving individuals who ironically desire to be forgiven.

The drama exhibits scenes about forgiveness, revenge, justice and innocence. These themes are portrayed with a touch of humour that will keep the audience attentive and entertained," he said.

Ncube, who is also a gospel artiste, said the series was mainly in Venda language, but also incorporated Shona, Ndebele, Sotho and English to make it a linguistically rich. The 35-member drama cast will include three main actors and supporting acts.

Ncube said Uhangwela revolved around conflicts and dashes between cultures and traditions also underlying forgiveness and revenge issues.

"It characterises the Tshinoni and Tshisimani Tshavhutshilo members clashing among different cultures and traditions. One can imagine a Shona-speaking lady marrying a Venda man, their relationship is the basis of conflict and family feuds," he said.

Ncube said he was inspired by the local movie, Yellow Card.

"As a musician and filmmaker. I did not find talent in these fields, but it is talent that found me. Long back, instead of telling folktales I found myself tell-ing stories which I composed into a series and yet I had never seen one. The only movie I saw was Yellow Card doing my fifth grade and from that day I be-gan to compose my own," he said.



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