Rice dispensing ATM introduced

By Staff reporter | 13 Apr 2020 at 13:05hrs
Rice ATM
In Vietnam, they have introduced rice dispensing 'ATMs' to help poor people cope with the lockdown and contain the #coronavirus pandemic.

People can just push a button and 2kg (4.4lbs) of rice will be dispensed.

The inventor: "I saw that during this pandemic there are many people who are in need of basic necessities, but if they would be distributed manually people are more likely to spread the disease. In order to limit this, I took advantage of the available machinery and built this."

"In the midst of this difficult time because of a pandemic like this, getting one free serving of rice every day is valuable. Each bag of rice is a gift of love," said Nguyen Van Tung (50 years old), a bottle collector.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese government ordered the suspension of new rice export contracts and plans to have 190,000 tons of rice in storage by June 15 to ensure the country has enough food amid the pandemic.

Vietnam is the world's third-largest exporter, behind India and Thailand.



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