Zimbabwe electricity tariffs hiked by 19.2%

By Staff reporter | 06 Apr 2020 at 18:37hrs
The Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company (ZETDC) announced an increase in tariffs by 19,2 percent, at a time when the country is no longer experiencing prolonged power cuts.

According to a notice by the ZETDC, 200 units of electricity, which used to be sold for $157, will now cost $162,50, while 50 units which used to cost $20,50 will now cost $24,50. After 200 units have been consumed, all other units will now go for a punitive $4,61 per kilowatt hour (kWh) compared to $3,87 per kWh before.

"The domestic electricity tariff encourages consumers to use electricity more efficiently and rewards them with lower tariff for low usage.

"Heavier or higher consumption attracts a higher rate. Customers are thus advised to buy electricity units that are sufficient for their monthly consumption as any excess units would be charged at the higher tariff," read the notice.

"In every calendar month, customers are allocated 50 units at a lifeline tariff rate of 49c costing $26 including levies. These units of electricity are adequate to power a two-plate stove and five lights for a calendar month for a single household.

"The next 150 kWh (51 to 200 kWh) in the same calendar month being charged at $1,08 cost $172 including levies Therefore, the first 200kWh cost $198,50 including levies. The 200kWh are enough for the majority of most domestic households. Any additional purchase in excess of 200kWh within the calendar month is charged at a rate of $4,61kWh," further read the notice.



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