WATCH: Windows 10 running on an iPhone X

By Staff reporter | 03 Apr 2020 at 15:54hrs
Windows 10 running on an iPhone X
A recently-uploaded YouTube video shows Windows 10 and Office 2019 running on an iPhone X.

User "Hacking Jules" claimed that they were able to load the OS through the UTM virtual machine app without having to Jailbreak the smartphone.

The video's description said that the Windows 10 installation was done with an original ISO file and took about two hours to complete.

The "normal" boot time for the OS was indicated as around 20 minutes.

Previous videos on the Hacking Jules channel showed how it was possible to run several older versions of Windows on various iPhones.

These included Windows 7 on an iPhone X and Windows Vista on an iPhone 7.

Slow performance

The video starts off with the smartphone running Apple's most recent mobile OS –  iOS 13.4. The user then navigates to the UTM app and boots up Windows 10.

It is evident from the moment that the OS is loaded up that performance is very slow.

After signing in, it takes almost a minute for the desktop to start loading. The wallpaper and icons on the taskbar take a considerable time to be displayed while opening File Explorer takes another 40 seconds.

Navigating the Windows 10 interface seemed fairly simple, even though the position of the mouse pointer and the touch input did not line up properly.

Later in the video, the user opens up Word and types in a document using a virtual keyboard in the UTM app.

Running Windows 10 with this type of emulation software did not allow for online features. The NCSI indicator in the notification tray appeared to show a problem with the Internet connection.
Windows 10 Mobile failure

Even with these drawbacks, it is noteworthy that it is possible to run Windows 10 on a platform from Microsoft's biggest OS rival.

It is unlikely that Microsoft will bring full Windows 10 support back to smartphones any time soon following the failure of Windows 10 Mobile.

The company completely discontinued updates for its mobile platform in November 2019 and recommended that users rather use Android or iOS on their devices.

For years, Microsoft was unable to capture even a minor share of the mobile OS market with Windows 10 Mobile, and even as far back as 2017, it indicated it would not be adding new features to the software.

Below is the full video showing Windows 10 running on an iPhone X.



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