WhatsApp to add support for multiple device functionality

By Staff reporter | 02 Apr 2020 at 20:01hrs
Popular messaging platform, WhatsApp is on a quest to allow users simultaneous use of their account across multiple devices.

Previously, WhatsApp would require users to scan a QR code with their phones to enable multiple device usage.

Adding multi-device functionality is something WhatsApp's over 2-billion worldwide users have been requesting for many years, and it finally looks like it's going to be implemented.

The multiple account option will, of course, take all the necessary privacy and security precautions, reports Tech Weez.

How it will work

According to WEBetaInfo, when your account is accessed on a non-primary device you will receive a security notification, similar to how email services inform users when their accounts are accessed on unusual devices. Users who use two devices for WhatsApp, such as phone and tablet – or phone and desktop, will now be able to switch their chats seamlessly.

Also When someone adds a new device in his WhatsApp account, you will be notified because encryption keys change.

It looks like the messaging app is developing ,Just recently it released its new dark mode across smartphones from Android to iOS.



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