Liquid Telecom has mitigated network issues caused by WACS break

By Staff reporter | 30 Mar 2020 at 19:35hrs
Liquid Telecom
Liquid Telecom has released a statement explaining how it has mitigated network issues related to the WACS cable break.

"To help ensure continuity of service, Liquid Telecom's network traffic is automatically rerouted during such outages," said Liquid Telecom South Africa CEO Reshaad Sha.

"We are responding to new and increased demand from customers with additional capacity across alternative routes."

Sha explained that Liquid Telecom operates a five-cable system for its international Internet capacity in South Africa.

"Our resilient architecture means the loss of the WACS capacity is unlikely to impact customers' connectivity as demand surges," said Sha.
WACS cable break

The South African Nation Research and Education Network (SANREN) issued an alert this weekend informing South Africans there was a break on the West Africa Cable System (WACS).

This compounds upon the fact that the SAT-3 cable is still down following a break on 9 March, and has resulted in many South Africans suffering slow international Internet speeds.

TATA is making arrangements for a cable repair vessel to attend to the WACS fault.

Afrihost has informed clients it is urgently working to secure capacity on alternative international Internet routes.

"I'm sorry about the slow international Internet: Two undersea cables, WACS and SAT-3, have suffered major breaks," Afrihost CEO Gian Visser said in communications to customers.

"We're working together with our suppliers to secure an alternative international path ASAP. We understand that you need your Internet now more than ever and I promise you that this is our top priority. Thanks for your patience. Stay safe."



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