TelOne clients face blacklisting penalties

By Staff reporter | 28 Mar 2020 at 13:04hrs
Converged telecommunications company, TelOne has vowed to take stringent "blacklisting" conditions against clients who would not have cleared their outstanding telephone bills for two months or more.

TelOne, the country's largest telephone service provider warned its customers of facing blacklisting punishment in the event of failing to service their outstanding telephone bills.

Telephony business has largely remained relevant and huge in Zimbabwe, and the only most affordable form of communication which many corporates have taken advantage of to keep their business on the swing.

In a statement, the company said: " Avoid being blacklisted. Pay your outstanding telephone bills today. TelOne is moving to blacklist all those individuals and companies with telephone bills that have been outstanding 2 months or more," the warning reads.

The punitive measure will bar offenders from accessing crucial services like opening a bank account, access loans, clothing or furniture credit facilities amongst many other inconveniences that come with a bad credit rating.

TelOne is reported to be owed millions of dollars largely from the government employees and institutions.

The company has managed to stay afloat amidst such corporate ill practices, hence it's now cracking whip, lest it sinks with lenience.



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