Powertel upgrades network

By Staff reporter | 28 Mar 2020 at 12:57hrs
Powertel Communications an internet service provider (ISP) in Zimbabwe has taken measures to upgrade its communication system in the fight against the spread of the pandemic coronavirus.

The upgrade is meant to provide uninterrupted services during the pandemic.

In its statement, the government-run company said, "As Powertel, we believe in universal access to ICTs across the continent, this belief guides us as we respond to the COVD10 outbreak."

"We the fast rise of remote work, we have further upgraded our network capacity, VPN connectivity and innovative ways of communication and collaboration methods to meet up with your daily demands."

"We understand most of our customers will be working remotely however we have set up a model that is managed through our 24hr contact center," reads the statement.

Powertel further emphasized that the security of employees is at the top of the company's priority list.

"We value the safety of our employees across the country hence we have also made arrangements to ensure their safety is to a greater extent guaranteed during the provision of service to your places."

"We are also conducting awareness programs to all our staff members with the view to create awareness, promote safety and promote behavioral change."

Powertel Communications, a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Holdings (ZESA Holdings) Holdings has evolved over time and heavily invested in technology that is compatible with future demands.



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