CAPS United adopt technology to counter lockdown

By Staff reporter | 28 Mar 2020 at 12:37hrs
Caps United
CAPS United are taking full advantage of technological channels to keep their players in shape at a time sports teams have been forced to halt training sessions due to the coronavirus epidemic.

With the start of the 2020 season having been pushed further by, at least two months, the Green Machine, like all other teams had been conducting normal training sessions, until early this week.

That was after President Mnangagwa issued a blanket ban on all gatherings, of more than 50 people, after the country recorded its first coronavirus death on Monday.

Subsequently, all football teams across all leagues, have suspended their practice sessions. Makepekepe have sought to keep their stars busy during this period with coach, Darlington Dodo, drafting individual programmes for each of his players.

The former Gunners mentor is monitoring his players; using modern technology, which he says has worked well so far. "We have suspended training in line with the President's orders which prohibit meetings of more than 50 people.

"We are fully behind that and committed to fighting the coronavirus scourge.

"We value human life. The players have since been told to remain home and we are monitoring them.

"Our worry has always been on how to keep them in shape. "You never know with these things. When all this is over, maybe, you will be required to come back and the season is allowed to proceed, so we have to make sure the players are well in shape.

"We have drafted individual work programmes and they differ from individual to individual, depending on their positions as well as strengths and weaknesses.

"It's tough but we have to do it. We also work online in terms of planning and executing tasks. Technology has really helped us in terms of training."

Dodo said he constantly checks on his players' safety and mainly relies on their professional beings.

"Remember, when we were recruiting early this year, we made it a point that we signed only players we knew were not going to give us problems. "So far, all the players we have on our books have proven to be well-behaved.

"It is those attributes they possess which have made our job easier "We do a lot of online coaching and every player is on it, that is very encouraging on our part as the technical team.

"We will continue doing that until the situation reverts to normal."



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