Fuel service station operators cry foul

By Staff reporter | 26 Mar 2020 at 20:38hrs
ENERGY and Power Development Minister Advocate Fortune Chasi has expressed dismay over allegations by small petroleum players in Matabeleland that they are having their franchises unfairly terminated.

Addressing Bulawayo journalists after a meeting with small petroleum players from the southern region on Friday, Adv Chasi said a number of fuel players had raised concern over unethical business conduct by officials from a major fuel dealer.

"There were complaints by about five or so people who have been running service stations here (Matabeleland) and they complained very bitterly at the treatment they received from the company's territorial managers, such as arbitrary termination of  contracts in most circumstances without notice," he said.

Adv Chasi added that the local fuel dealers further stated that the company was deliberately awarding franchises for the operation of its fuel service stations to individuals from outside the region.

South-Western Energy Group chairman Ms Sakhile Dewa confirmed the allegations.

"We have noted that franchise holders in Harare tend to be jealous when they notice a dealer from this part of the country doing well and they terminate his or her contract and replace them with a 'caretaker'. The caretaker will be someone from outside this region but we don't know the extent of the corruption but this is what we want to get down to the bottom of. We had the affected parties during the meeting with the minister and each one told their story," she said.



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